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Install Nginx from the source code

There are many casess when we need to compile the the sofware from the source code. Nginx is a briliant case when the can’t enable geoip module or mod_securi...

Configure RabbitMQ failover cluster

RabbitMQ is a universal bus to be used to exchange messages between the applications. There are other solutions like Kafka, AWS SQS, Google Pubsub, etc. If y...

Problems with re-login into Jenkins

Today I ran into a problem with re-login in Jenkins. After the session was broken as a result of restarting the Tomcat daemon, I was asked to log in with a n...

Setup Unison in CentOS 7

Unison is one of the utilities that is used to replicate files between servers. A big advantage of Unison is its support for master-master replication.

Postfix change sender domain

Out of the box postfix is sending emails using the domain name that is returned by the following command in the linux shell: uname -n