Copy the Jenkins job

First of all you’ll need to copy jenkins-cli.jar to your PC.

You’ll need to have java installed. In modern world it makes more sence to run docker container with jre:

docker run -v /Users/myuser/Downloads/:/Downloads -it openjdk:8u312-jre bash

I mount my ~/Downloads folder into the container because this is where jenkins-cli.jar is saved. You might need to change the source for the volume to be mounted.

List the jobs:

java -jar /Downloads/jenkins-cli.jar -auth <username>:<password> -s https://<jenkins_server_address>/ list-jobs

Copy the desired build name from one server into other:

java -jar /Downloads/jenkins-cli.jar -auth <username>:<password> -s https://<source_jenkins_server_address>/ get-job "Build name" |\
java -jar /Downloads/jenkins-cli.jar -auth <username>:<password> -s https://<target_jenkins_server_address>/ create-job "Build name"