Scan server with Lynis

Lynis (formerly RkHunter) is a security auditing tool for Linux and BSD systems. It performs a detailed audit of many aspects of your system’s security and configuration. Download the latest Lynis sources from

Lynis does not require installation, just download and unzip it:

cd /tmp
wget -no-check-certificate
tar xvfz lynis-2.2.0.tar.gz
mv lynis /usr/local/
ln -s /usr/local/lynis/lynis /usr/local/bin/lynis

Checking for new versions:

lynis update info

Run the following command to run a system audit:

lynis audit system

In this mode, Lynis will wait until you see the scan results for each block and press the Enter key

To be able to drink coffee while Lynis is running, start it with the -quick switch


And of course, you can create a cron task to perform a scan every day:

0 3 \* \* * /usr/local/bin/lynis -quick 2>&1 | mail -s `lynis output of my server` [email protected]