View all FTP accounts created in Plesk on a Linux server via mysql

It happens that the Plesk WebUI becomes unavailable for any reason. Or we have a set of files from the old server and we need to restore all ftp users on the new one based on information from the Plesk mysql database.

By default Plesk works with the psa database. Plesk stores all the data about the accounts that were created on the server in it. We will get the information from this database.

Connecting to the database:

mysql -uadmin -p$(cat /etc/psa/.psa.shadow)

Switch to Plesk database:

use psa;

Here is the mysql query that will return the list of the FTP users in Plesk:

SELECT REPLACE(sys_users.home,'/home/httpd/vhosts/','') AS domain, sys_users.login,accounts.password
FROM sys_users LEFT JOIN accounts on
ORDER BY sys_users.home ASC;